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Florida Democrats

vote from home

Florida voters can vote safely and conveniently from home with a vote-by-mail ballot. Click below to find your county and request your ballot from your local Supervisor of Elections.

How to vote by mail in Florida

There are three steps in order to vote in Florida elections by mail. If you need more information, the Florida Division of Elections website answers many of the most common questions.

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Registered In Florida

You must have already registered to vote in the State of Florida.

Request Ballot Online

Ask your county’s Supervisor of Elections to vote-by-mail.

Cast Your Vote By Mail

After getting your ballot, vote for Democrats and mail it back!

Find the Florida County You’re Registered to Vote In

You Can Request Your Ballot Online

+1 (813) 744-5900
Indian River
+1 (772) 226-3440
+1 (305) 499-8683
+1 (863) 763-4014
Palm Beach
+1 (561) 656-6200
Santa Rosa
+1 (850) 983-1900
+1 (850) 638-6230

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